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What do we do?  We provide top notch services that make you fast.  We take great pride in providing you with everything you need to make you faster.  From Motor swaps for your car to a timeshare racing program that puts you in a car.  come join us and join a team that puts you in first.

Motor Swaps

One of the fastest ways to turn your street ride into a "super car"

Custom Fabrication

Ready to turn that street car into a racing machine?

Maintenance and Repair

avoid the "5 minute oil change" and leave maintance that is vital to the performance of your vehicle to our experts

Race Prep

converting a street car to a high performance race car is more than adding a safety cage.  let our mechanic's years of experience handle every aspect from garage to the track

Trackside Support

we provide trackside support at events all over the country.  let us provide trackside support and race management at your next race or event

Time Share Racing

want access to a race car?  check out time share racing.  it's like a timeshare, only faster!

Suspension Tuning

suspension tuning is an art.  no fancy machines.  no shortcuts.  only the best setup done the old school way.

It's What We Do!

Performance Upgrades

when it comes to performance, you can't beat MER's years of experience.  we know what works!

Electronics & Wiring

forget that generic "one size fits all" wiring harness kit.  let us provide you with a custom solution, and maximize your performance

Dyno Tuning

let us tune your car to perfection on our dynojet 248c chassis dynomometer

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