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Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

Clockwise? Counterclockwise? Hallett Motor Racing Circuit in Jennings, OK is one of the few, unique tracks in North America that was designed to do BOTH. Spanning 1.8 miles and featuring 10 wild turns, it doesn't matter which way your racecar finds it's way around the track, you're bound to really enjoy this racetrack.

As you race across the 1.8 mile course you will experience 80 feet of elevation change, and believe it or not, this track was paved with little to no landscaping. Located in the Osage Hills area of Oklahoma, this track features 10 turns, but none more famous than "The Bitch". When this track is run counterclockwise, "The Bitch" is almost sure to send those not as familiar with Hallett off course. Don't worry though, your racecar is likely to remain in together and ready to keep racing as Hallett is lined with nothing more than a trackside barrier of tires to welcome unsuspecting drivers when they find themselves kicking up a cloud of dirt when they go off track.

Speaking of tires, many credit the fact that Hallett still exists with those same tires. The locals claim this track would have been sold off in order to facilitate housing if it weren't for the THOUSANDS of tires that line the course. Anatoly Arutunoff, a Russian immigrant, decided he wanted to build a racetrack, and in 1976 he opened Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. While Hallett has seen its share of pro races over the years (notably Trans Am in the 1970's and the last Can Am race ever held in 1986) this track was designed for the amateur racer.

After bouncing from owner to owner, Hallett finally found itself in the hands of Mike Stephens. Stephens brought a family first mentality to the race track making it unique in that regard. It is one of the few tracks that allows fans to get a view of the track from just about anywhere. Although Mike passed away several years ago, his widow under the limited company Stephens Brothers Racing and the track has maintained it's family first ideology.

Motorsport Enterprises Racing will be supporting racers the weekend of 4/22/2022 through 4/24/2022 at Hallett Racing Circuit for SSCA racing with testing day 4/22/2022 and races 4/23/2022 and wrapping up on 4/24/2022. Come support our drivers and experience this one of a kind race track, and don't leave the family at home, this track is operated just for them. We hope to see you there

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