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Motor Swaps

If you can dream it, Motorsport Enterprises Racing has the expertise to build it. If you are thinking about racing the Street Touring Unlimited Class, we design all our motor swaps with the driver in mind. One of the fastest ways to change your street ride into a true “super car” is to swap engines. MER’s background in Mazda performance makes us the perfect shop to drop an LS1 into your Miata. When you start this you need someone that has done this before to get you on the right track, MER has experience to save you a lot of experimentation. We have done it before from LS3 V8’s in a Miata, LFX V6 engine in an RX8, LS1 V8 engine in an RX7.

You name it, we have already built it.

After we tackle the technical challenge of fitting the motor we have the electronics expertise to make it reliable and street-able. We can fit an ECU to match the new engine and wire it into the existing harness or build you an entirely new wiring harness if you are going full race. 

As part of any motor swap, we also suggest having our suspension tuning experts make the necessary adjustments to the suspension to compensate for the new weight bias or additional weight. After all, you are going to need good handling to harness all of that horsepower. 

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