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Electronics and Wiring

Motorsport enterprises racing has the expertise to build a wiring harness for your race car, or modify your existing harness for street cars with motor swaps, forced induction, or other changes to your ecu. Our wiring options can include an OEM style control unit with custom programming, fuel injectors, up-rated fuel rail, mass air flow meter, up-rated fuel pressure regulator, and up-rated fuel pump.  

Want to upgrade to an AEM infinity system?  We can do that too. 

MER does not use generic "one size fits all" kits you'll find in most garages.  We build our systems specifically for your application.  All wiring harness builds use OEM or better components.  

After your harness is installed we can use our Dyno to provide the highest quality tuning tailored to your race car. Use our in house dyno to provide accurate real-time adjustments to your ECU.

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